Legal Innovators Adds Three New Legal Clients Including Am Law 100 and 200 Firms

Washington, D.C. (April 19, 2022)  – Legal Innovators, an alternative legal service provider (ALPS), that provides an end-to-end technology enabled talent management solution to law firms and corporate legal departments, is pleased to announce that it has forged new partnerships with the law firms of Mintz, Morrison Foerster and Young Conaway. These firms will leverage Legal Innovators’ innovative approach to associate recruitment and retention, including, identification and vetting, training and mentoring, and cost rationalization, all in a manner that de-risks the hiring process and drives a diverse talent pipeline.

Legal Innovators offers its clients a fresh approach to hiring that reduces the total costs of onboarding junior associates, especially when compared to the traditional approaches of recruiting. Through Legal Innovators’ model, law firms and corporate legal departments are offered a diverse class of qualified candidates. These lawyers go through extensive training prior to firm onboarding. While the lawyers are with the firms, Legal Innovators provides ongoing training and mentoring as well as performance feedback. A typical engagement between Legal Innovators and its partner clients is two years, after which the firm or corporate legal department can permanently hire the lawyer. Legal Innovators’ lawyers also can be hired during the two-year timeline.

According to Legal Innovators’ CEO, Bryan Parker, “One of the things that helps with associate development is our training, mentoring, and performance coaching that is specifically curated toward the developmental needs of each lawyer. During this period, the lawyers remain employees of Legal Innovators. We appreciate the validation of our model these new partnerships represent.”

“We chose Legal Innovators because their unique talent management process produces a diverse pipeline of well trained and qualified candidates,” said Robert Bodian, Managing Partner at Mintz. “The associates arrive at our firm having gone through rigorous preparation and are constantly improving their skills through Legal Innovators’ ongoing training program. We look forward to the lawyers working with us to provide excellent service to our clients and the mentoring Legal Innovators provides to the next generation of lawyers through this innovative approach.”

Edwin Harron, Member, Executive Committee and Partner at Young Conaway said, “We are thrilled to be the first Delaware law firm to partner with Legal Innovators. This partnership advances our firm’s DE&I Strategic Plan, and Young Conaway’s unwavering pledge to provide opportunities to highly qualified diverse attorneys. As part of that commitment, we will provide the support and resources needed for diverse junior talent to hone their legal skills and thrive at Young Conaway. We are confident that Legal Innovators’ partnership with law firms, such as ours, will have a meaningful impact on improving diversity outcomes in the legal profession, and look forward to welcoming our first Legal Innovators Fellow this month.” 

Legal Innovators’ driving mission is to bring greater diversity to law firms and corporate legal departments through a more inclusive recruiting approach. Backed by a predictive algorithm that assists the company and its partners, Legal Innovators augments the traditional recruiting factors of law school ranking and grades alone with predictive data that can highlight whether an associate can perform at the required level. The company believes that their comprehensive, data driven approach to talent management sets the associate candidates up for success, and results in greater inclusivity within the legal industry.

About Legal Innovators

Legal Innovators is an Alternative Legal Service Provider (ALSP) changing the way the law approaches the hiring, pricing, and training of junior legal talent through a two-year work-based program. We can Founded by Chairman Jonathan Greenblatt and CEO Bryan Parker in 2019, Legal Innovators is an end-to-end, technology enabled talent management solution for law firms and corporate legal departments that is changing the way the law approaches the hiring, pricing, and training of junior legal talent through a two-year work-based program. It also assists its clients in meeting their diversity, equity, and inclusion goals. Legal Innovators pairs law firms and corporate legal departments with high-quality, trained, and BigLaw ready junior lawyers. Its lawyers take on substantive work as a member of its clients’ legal teams. Law firms and corporations gain first-hand exposure to Legal Innovators’ lawyers’ capabilities and make more informed decisions based on legal competencies and cultural fit before hiring them permanently.

To learn more about Legal Innovators, visit or contact Director of Operations, Meghan Smith, at or 202-916-8773.