The future of law

De-Risk Your Legal Hiring Process. 

Introducing the future of identifying, recruiting, developing, pricing of high quality junior legal talent from a broader range of schools and backgrounds.

What We Do

  • Identify graduating law students from a wide range of law schools and backgrounds who can compete at the highest levels.
  • Train, coach and place these recent law school graduates on a structured trial basis with top tier law firms and corporate legal departments to do traditional junior associate work with the objective of permanent placement after the trial period.
  • All while structured on a cost rationalized basis

We Make Hiring More Effective


Of Attorneys Converted to Permanent Hires after Period of Placement


We seek to address the following challenges with the current legal recruitment and attorney development models:

The Law School Recruiting Process is Missing Talent​

Our Solution:

  • Assessing law school performance holistically, over three years of performance
  • Rigorously vetting candidates against the highest standards
  • Training, coaching, and mentoring the lawyers we hire to maximize their prospects for success
  • Placing them with high quality law firms and corporate legal departments on a structured trial basis
  • With the objective of launching them into permanent jobs at the firms with which they are placed

Broadening the candidate pool of entry level lawyers requires systemic change.

Law firms and corporate legal departments have struggled to recruit and retain lawyers from nontraditional backgrounds and experiences.

Our Solution:

  • Assessing talent on a holistic basis from a wide range of law schools which broadens the pool of high-quality candidates to whom law firms and corporate legal departments are exposed
  • Focusing on practical training, coaching and mentoring to prepare our lawyers for success as junior attorneys
  • Working with the law firms and corporate legal departments during the placement period to assess performance and intervene where necessary to maximize our attorneys’ prospects for ultimate success

Rationalizing Junior Attorney Costs

The price point of junior legal talent is, in many cases, unsustainably high and difficult for law firms to recoup from already high billing rates.

Our Solution:

  • Pricing our placements to lower the overall costs to law firms of junior legal talent, so that savings can be passed on to law firm clients through lower billing rates
  • Forestalling the decision to permanently hire a junior attorney until a track record of success has been established which mitigates the costs of unsuccessful junior associate hires