How can we be more
innovative in the law?

Let’s change our approach to hiring, pricing
and diversity of junior legal talent.

We’re changing many aspects of how the law is practiced,
without sacrificing quality.

Cost-effective Services

Today’s high hourly rates for junior associates are unsustainable. We rationalize the cost of skilled junior legal talent.

Attorney Recruitment

The law school on-campus interview process is antiquated. We take a holistic approach.

Attorney Development

Professional development, training and mentorship is key. We have a proven process.

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion is a business imperative. We help you figure it out.

“Legal Innovators offers a game-changing solution to a growing challenge in the legal industry: the increasing unwillingness of corporate clients to pay the high rates charged by law firms for first and second year lawyers still learning their trade.  Now, clients and firms can access and grow young, diverse talent without the exorbitant rates compelled by traditional firm salary structures and overhead.” – Roland Schroeder, Global Executive Counsel, General Electric Corporate Litigation

Headshot of Amy Maddock

“Legal Innovators shares our mission of connecting our graduates – considered some of the best in the country – with top employers in Big Law and corporate legal departments. We especially appreciate their focus on traditionally underrepresented groups. Our graduates receive real world experience, training, and mentorship as part of their program. It’s an amazing resource for us and for our students now and in the future.” – Amy Jones Mattock, Senior Director, Office of Career Strategy, Georgetown University Law Center

David Cruickshank

“I’ve trained associates in many AmLaw 100 firms in management and leadership skills. The associates developing their practice-ready skills at Legal Innovators are talented, diverse, and hard-working. As they complete their intensive training curriculum and law firm assignments, they will be able to step into practice groups and junior teams at any of the firms I have seen up close.” – David Cruickshank, Principal, Edge International

Learn how we can help you.

Law Firms

Law Firms

Hire Legal Innovators to improve your law firm’s profitability and client satisfaction when it comes to the output, pricing, diversity, and inclusion of junior legal talent.

Corporate Counsel

Corporate Counsel

Ask your law firms to hire our junior legal talent. You’ll experience quality output at a more cost-effective price point. We can also help you reach your diversity and inclusion goals.

Junior Attorneys

Junior Attorneys

Jump-start your legal career today with our work-based learning program. You’ll receive training, mentorship, and you’ll take on substantive work from top employers in Big Law and business.

The Legal Innovators Team

Our Co-Founders have known each other for over 25 years. Bryan started his career in the law at Sherman and Sterling, LLC. Jon was Bryan’s mentor. Mentoring matters, which is why we are committed to training and mentoring today’s junior legal talent.

Bryan Parker

Bryan Parker

Co-Founder & CEO

Bryan Parker manages the day-to-day operations of Legal Innovators. He understands the needs of Big Law and their corporate clients. Not only was he trained as a lawyer at Shearman & Sterling LLP — he’s also a leader in business. He managed venture- and private equity-backed companies in M&A, CEO, and COO roles for over two decades. Today he helps Legal Innovators’ users increase efficiency, reduce costs, improve profitability, and reach their diversity and inclusion goals.

Jonathan L. Greenblatt

Headshot of Jon Greenblatt

Co-Founder & Chairman

Jonathan Greenblatt’s vision for Legal Innovators was born during his 40-year tenure as a lawyer, most recently as a Partner at Shearman & Sterling LLP.  Jon believes the legal industry needs to change its approach to the recruitment, training, and diversity of junior legal talent. He founded the company to increase opportunity for talent from traditionally underrepresented groups, while at the same time helping law firms and their clients increase profitability and reduce legal expenses.

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