Hiring Junior Attorneys

Today’s on-campus interview and recruitment process is antiquated. In reality, employers end up learning very little about candidates before they are hired.

With our comprehensive model, law firms and corporate legal departments gain first-hand exposure to junior legal talent, including their personalities and professional capabilities with the option to hire them permanently once they complete our program.

Our junior legal professionals typically work for law firms or corporate legal departments for a period of one year, with the option to review for a second year. While we can work with users on a six-month basis, fees are higher for shorter term commitments due to the unpredictability in usage.

Our junior legal professionals perform the same type of work traditionally performed by associates in Big Law, including but not limited to researching and analyzing the law on complex issues, conducting discovery and performing corporate due diligence, crafting memoranda or briefs, and assisting with the closings of various transactions.


“I would rather hire law firms who hire Legal Innovators. Their model creates a win/win solution for clients and firms alike by offering quality legal help at a lower rate, but also helping to build the careers of young legal professionals with a focus on providing opportunity for diverse talent. This is exactly the direction we need to take to be successful in the law.”

– Michael Bailey, General Counsel, Bechtel Group, Inc.

What makes Legal Innovators an innovative alternative legal service provider?

Not only do we recruit and hire a diverse and inclusive junior legal workforce, we are committed to training and mentoring through our proprietary in-house program. Our users benefit from a skilled talent at a fair and competitive price point. They also save on junior associate recruitment and hiring costs. Legal Innovators assumes the costs for office space and many operational expenses. These are a few of the ways we help our users reduce costs and increase law firm profitability. 

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