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Reimage How You Hire Junior Attorneys

The traditional legal recruiting process, which focuses on one year of law school performance at a small number of law schools, often misses additional high-quality talent, particularly from first generation law students and those from underrepresented backgrounds.

With Our Comprehensive Model, Legal Innovators:

  • Assesses law school performance holistically, over three years of performance
  • Rigorously vets candidates against the highest standards incorporating data analytics, artificial intelligence, and writing exercises as indicators of success
  • Trains, coaches, and mentors our lawyers to maximize their prospects for success
  • Places attorneys with law firms and corporate legal departments on a structured trial basis
  • Aims to launch our attorneys into permanent jobs with the law firms or legal departments with whom they are placed

What makes Legal Innovators an innovative talent management solution?

We pay our attorneys’ salaries and benefits, and we offer training, mentorship, coaching, wellness support, and employment from leaders in the law and business.

Legal Innovators assumes the cost of recruitment and attorney development, while clients get to evaluate potential hires, de-risk the hiring process, and rationalize the price point of junior legal talent.

Law firm and corporate legal department clients pay Legal Innovators an annual fee (payable quarterly) for each placed Legal Innovators attorney. These LI attorneys are solely dedicated to that firm or corporate legal department, working under its supervision and control.