What makes Legal Innovators an innovative alternative
legal service provider?

We are improving hiring, pricing, diversity, and inclusion in the law by prioritizing opportunity, training, and mentorship for today’s junior legal talent.  

The current law school on campus recruitment process is broken. It can often exclude some of the most talented candidates, especially women and minorities. At the same time, hourly rates for junior legal talent are out of control. This suppresses opportunity for junior lawyers and reduces law firm profitability. That’s why Jonathan Greenblatt and Bryan Parker founded Legal Innovators.

Our team recruits and hires high-quality junior legal talent — including many from traditionally underrepresented backgrounds — for a 2-year work-based learning program. They receive extensive training from experts in business and the law, as well as mentorship from more senior lawyers. During our program, junior legal professionals take on substantive work from employers in Big Law and corporate legal departments. 

Law firms and corporate legal departments benefit from a more skilled, diverse and inclusive workforce, as well as high quality output at a more realistic price point, can result in increased profitability per partner, as well as law firm profitability. 

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