How We Work:
For Corporate Counsel

We founded Legal Innovators to bring much needed innovation to the law, especially when it comes to the hiring, pricing, profitability, diversity, and inclusion of junior legal talent.

To effectively drive change, law firms need to take a new approach to the hiring and recruitment of junior attorneys. Today’s firms are far too reliant on certain standard criteria, based on only one year’s performance in law school. This process excludes some of the most talented candidates, especially women, minorities, and individuals from traditionally underrepresented groups.

At the same time, rates for junior associates are exorbitant and they increase every year. Clients like you need a more affordable solution for quality, trained junior legal talent.

That’s why Jonathan Greenblatt and Bryan Parker started Legal Innovators – an innovative alternative legal service provider (or ALSP). We recruit and hire high-quality junior legal talent from leading law schools for a 2-year apprenticeship and mentorship program. Our legal professionals receive training from experts in business and the law and take on substantive legal work from top employers. When law firms hire our talent, their clients benefit from a more skilled, diverse and inclusive workforce, as well as high quality output at a cost-effective price point.

Ask your law firms to hire junior legal talent from Legal Innovators. We’re taking an innovative approach to recruitment, hiring, and pricing that can reduce your overall litigation costs and help you reach your company’s diversity and inclusion goals.

We’re on a mission to bring innovation to the legal field. Join us.

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