Secondments and Outsourcing

In today’s legal market, nearly half of all legal departments are using alternative service providers, up from less than one-third in 2014.*  Firms and corporations are looking beyond traditional hiring methods as a way to reduce costs, increase profitability, and handle challenges such as litigation overflow or extended parental leave. It’s no surprise that outsourcing through secondments and alternative legal service providers is becoming more common.

At Legal Innovators, we take a different approach to outsourced legal services and secondments.

Our leadership team works closely with our users to establish and reach their profitability, efficiency, diversity, and inclusion goals over the short- and long-term.

We don’t just recruit and hire junior legal talent. We’re committed to training, mentoring, and developing our junior lawyers over the course of our 2-year work-based learning program.

You’ll benefit from the quality output, cost savings, and increased profitability that comes from trained, talented, and diverse outsourced legal talent.


“Legal Innovators offers an exciting, game-changing solution to a growing challenge in the legal industry: the increasing unwillingness of corporate clients to pay the high rates charged by law firms for first and second year lawyers still learning their trade.  Now, clients and firms alike can access and grow young, diverse talent without the exorbitant first and second-year rates compelled by traditional firm salary structures and overhead.”

– Roland Schroeder, Global Executive Counsel, General Electric Company

*Source:, 2019 EY, Big Four Top Brand Rankings for Alternative Legal Services