The Attorneys of Legal Innovators | Romina Montellano Yoerg

Meet Romina!

Romina Montellano Yoerg is a graduate of The Georgetown University Law Center, and she joined Legal Innovators in 2021. Romina was placed in the Austin, TX office of Orrick LLP, where she works in the Structured Finance practice group. In 2023, Romina was hired by Orrick as an associate. 

We caught up with Romina to hear more about her legal career path. Due to her immigration status, Romina had limited options during the traditional law school recruiting season, and she was unable to participate in OCI. Since she wanted to go into transactional work in BigLaw, she knew she needed to be creative in finding an opening into that market during her 3L year. When she found out about Legal Innovators, it seemed like a perfect fit. Since starting her placement with Orrick through the Legal Innovators program, she has enjoyed the interesting work, the supportive and collaborative culture, and the mentorship she has received. 

Hear more directly from Romina below: 

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