An Apprentice-Style Approach to Alternative Legal Services

Chairman and Co-Founder of Legal Innovators, Jonathan Greenblatt, sits down with Ari Kaplan on Reinventing Professionals, to share some of his industry knowledge and solutions to some of the biggest challenges facing the legal profession in today’s market.

Some key issues include recruiting legal talent, how law firms can stay flexible as the market fluctuates, and diversity and inclusion efforts of law firms and legal departments.

Jon also highlights how Legal Innovators can help firms and companies reach all of these goals. In his own words, “law firms and law departments need to be more creative, one of the ways we are trying to do that at Legal Innovators is to cast the net more widely, train people extensively, provide mentoring, and stay involved with people’s careers as they develop so that there’s a high prospect that they will succeed.”

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About the Author:

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