Strategic Flexible-term Legal Services from Legal Innovators

Our apprentice-style program is changing the way the law recruits, hires, prices, trains, mentors, and retains junior legal talent from diverse and non-diverse backgrounds. While each of our engagements normally spans 1-2 years, we recognize that due to challenges created by the pandemic, leaders in the law need a more flexible solution as they navigate current staffing cuts, cost reductions, surges in specific business areas, and other challenges.


Surging Practice Areas:


(Including CARES Act compliance)





Here’s How it Works:

Schedule A 30-minute Virtual Conversation

Our leadership team – experts in business and the law – will contact you to discuss your immediate needs for junior legal talent, especially if you’re reaching surge capacity in busy areas such as regulatory, bankruptcy, restructuring, insurance, health care, financing, and litigation.

Receive A Cost Rationalization Analysis

Our model can save you ~30-40% in costs. If it’s helpful, we’ll prepare positioning to help you make the case internally for adding junior attorneys to your team for a period of 3-6 months.

Engage Our Trained, Big Law-Ready Attorneys

Our focus on quality talent and professional growth ensure you will be provided with a trained, Big Law ready junior lawyer to assist with your business needs. We’ll pair you with talented junior lawyers who have excellent academic credentials and relevant training. They’ll take on substantive work as a member of your team for several months to a year or two. We’ll manage the logistics, including technology, training, and mentorship. Additionally, remote is part of our foundation, our lawyers are prepared to support and add value on a remote basis or however long that is a reality.

Establish a Pipeline of Quality Junior Talent

You’ll get to know our associates’ working style, problem solving skills, and personality. If they’re a fit with your corporate culture, you may wish to enter into a longer 1-2 year engagement, or you can hire them permanently as partner-track attorneys.

Improve Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Diverse professionals in the law are often among the first to experience layoffs during economic downturns. We can help you with diversity and inclusion by matching you with junior attorneys from diverse backgrounds as well as making the economic case for diversity and inclusion as a priority.