Why a Career Path Isn’t a Straight Line

Do you ever wonder what it takes to be a successful lawyer? After 40 years in the legal industry, Jon Greenblatt, has a few suggestions for junior attorneys. Jon spoke with Adriana Linares on New Solo, to share four good habits for developing a successful career.

Four Good Habits For A Successful Career:

  1. Follow leads. Your ultimate career is not a straight path, go where the opportunities take you and be openminded. 
  2. Network. Build your network, including people from all seniority levels. People genuinely want to help people they know. 
  3. Develop mentors. Most people are honored to be mentoring but the mentee also needs to be proactive. 
  4. Make yourself indispensable. Create a high quality work product, regardless of the project.

“Almost none of us are doing what we predicted we would be doing coming out of law school.”

— Jon Greenblatt

New Solo is a podcast focused on a range of topics including transitioning from a law firm to a solo practice, rainmaking, law practice management, networking, job searching, technology and more.

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