Celebrating Black History Month

As we wrap up Black History Month and reflect on the topics, changemakers, and milestones for diversity in the legal industry, it’s important that these issues not be a focus for just one month every year. It’s on us to be aware and accountable for the progress we are making, and the overwhelming amount of progress still to be made. If you missed any of our Black History Month content over the last few weeks, check out a recap for how we honored Black History Month below!


Wednesday Wisdom Blog Series 

Each week of Black History Month, we shared some key resources, articles, organizations, and leaders in law as part of our Wednesday Wisdom Blog series. Read our blogs below for some great info and continued learning!

Our first Wednesday Wisdom blog focused on the ongoing fight for voting rights in the United States, and it highlighted Stacey Abrams as a key changemaker, a recent article from The New York Times, and the organization Fair Fight Action. 

Our second blog addressed the issue of police brutality and racial violence, and it highlighted the key changemaker Keith Ellison, a great TEDTalk by Megan Ming Francis, and the organization Baltimore United For Change. 

Our third blog focused on the issue of education and care for Black children, and it highlight key changemaker Jane Bolin, an insightful article on the U.S. child welfare system by Vivek Sankaran, and the organization The Brotherhood Sister Sol (BroSis). 

Our last Wednesday Wisdom blog for Black History Month discussed implicit bias, and especially how it can manifest in the legal profession. It included an article by Tsedale M. Melaku on why people of color hear they don’t look like lawyers; Harvard’s Implicit Association Test, which is a great resource for learning more about your own implicit biases; and a study on racial bias in perception of associate writing skills. 

The Law In Black And White: Celebrating Black History Month with Roger A. Fairfax, Dean and Professor of Law – American University Washington College of Law

In celebration of Black History Month, for this podcast episode we were joined by Dean Fairfax of American University for a discussion on the law school pipeline, diverse representation in law school leadership, and the challenges facing that leadership in today’s legal environment.


Legal Innovators at Drew Elementary School

This month, Legal Innovators attorney Oriana Alexander and CEO Bryan Parker visited Drew Elementary School in Washington, D.C. to teach a 5th grade class about the Constitution, the Supreme Court, voting rights, and Black history. It was a great opportunity to engage with the next generation of leaders and innovators on these important topics!

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