Five Insights From Law School Students and Graduates at Howard University’s Homecoming

Howard University School of Law celebrated its 150th anniversary by being consecutively ranked the number 1 law school for African American students [1].

The school’s motto of “Truth and Service”, its rich institutional history, and the notoriety of its distinguished alumni led one of our founders, Bryan Parker, to attend Howard’s Homecoming in the fall of 2019. While there, Bryan talked with Howard students to get their perspective on the legal job market, diversity in the legal industry, and Legal Innovators’ business model. 

These were some of their insights: 

  • The Howard students were receptive to the Legal Innovators mission as a forward-thinking legal services business. They were very intrigued by the company’s startup culture.
  • Students also appreciated that Legal Innovators offers them a chance to demonstrate their value as potential associates for a law firms they may not have had contact with during on-campus interviews.
  • Some of the students Bryan spoke with expressed frustration with the current law firm recruitment model. They wondered why fewer law firms recruit from Howard and why they target the same few students at the very top of the class when the law school has a deep and diverse student body.
  • It was obvious that Howard Law students have a deep sense of pride in their school and the training they receive.
  • The students like the fact that Legal Innovators gives junior legal professionals the opportunity to demonstrate their skills and the value that they bring to the legal profession. 
Legal Innovators at Howard Homecoming

Howard University School of Law reflects many of Legal Innovators core values like quality and innovation. They support our commitment to creating more diversity and inclusion in the legal field. We are excited to build an even deeper relationship with the institution and its students in the future as we continue our mission.

To learn more about Legal Innovators model and our approach to diversity and inclusion, visit our website or contact us to learn more.  

Source: [1]