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Our Law School Partners

Legal Innovators recruits and hires junior legal talent from top law schools. We have relationships and partnerships with the placement offices of a variety of institutions including:
The Georgetown University Law Center 

“Legal Innovators shares our mission of connecting our graduates – considered some of the best in the country – with top employers in Big Law and corporate legal departments. We especially appreciate their focus on traditionally underrepresented groups. Our graduates receive real world experience, training and mentorship as part of their two-year program. It’s is an amazing resource for us and for our students now and in the future.” –Amy Jones Mattock, Senior Director, Office of Career Strategy, The Georgetown University Law Center

George Washington University Law School

“Succeeding as an associate requires more than completing assignments on time and without error. You need to take responsibility for your own development as well as take initiative in building relationships within your practice area and your community. GW made that clear from day one and reinforced it until it was second nature.” –Salim, Legal Innovators

Howard University School of Law

“As a lawyer you’re going to have real people’s lives in your hands. Those people rely on you to handle their situation, whether it’s a billion dollar deal or their life that’s on the line. Clients trust you to give them the best possible advice. I don’t take that responsibility lightly at all. For me, that’s a huge part of what it means to be a lawyer. That’s something not all law schools teach. What I love about Howard is that’s the first thought they put in our heads.” –Tanisha, Legal Innovators